Tuesday, December 3, 2013

She's Back! Elf on the Shelf: Days 1-3 2013 & A Land of Letter's Video

Day 1:
Our dear elf has returned and she loves kinderland! As always, she arrived from the North Pole in her fancy, glittery box. By lunchtime she was on the lookout!

Day 2:
Elf-abet decided that it would be fun to celebrate my birthday with us! She must be fonder of the little nuggets, because she called me an old lady. It was still quite thoughtful. *Yes, that is me when I was in kindergarten*

Day 3:
On her peppermint stick swing, Elf-abet was flying high! It also made the perfect perch for watching our choices!

Be sure to check back on Friday for the next two days and a special freebie. To check out last year's elf posts, just click HERE.

Last, just because it is silly, here is a video that I created to introduce the Land of Letter's character, Pam the Lamb. I simply recorded it in brief clips using the "My Talking Pet" app for the iPad. I then downloaded and merged the clips in iMovie. It is super simple, but the kiddo's LOVED it!


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