Sunday, October 20, 2013

Playing with Numbers {FREEBIE}

Math in Kindergarten is SO much fun and I love helping my littles discover math in an exciting and engaging way! Our school uses Everyday Math, which for kindergarten is very inquiry based. It is all about exploring their environment, playing games, and working with numbers. Most of the time the kiddos don't even know that they are learning. In addition to the ascribed curriculum, I also do math workstations at least twice a week. I successfully used Debbie Diller's Math Work Stations in my second grade classroom and have modified it to make it work for my kinders. While the little learners require a lot more structure and practice than the older students, they have finally got the hang of it and it is going great! My favorite part of math work stations is that they allow me to work with small groups of students. Through my small group work I have discovered so much about my students, especially the span of abilities.  Some of my students are right were they should be, many of my students are ready for advanced math concepts, and some of my students lack the most basic of math skills. For example, I have some students who can count to 100 with ease and others who cannot identify the numeral 7. Because of this span of abilities, I have had to really differentiate the workstations. This is still a work in progress, but I feel like it is going in the right direction. Below are a few pictures of math in action in (and out of) my kinder classroom!

Finding numbers in our school:

Finding similarities and differences:

Making ABAB patterns with chunks of pool noodles:

 Identifying, comparing, and counting coins:

Comparing height by tracing our outlines with sidewalk chalk:
 Of course we had to finish by adding some details!

Going on a shape hunt!:

The FREEBIE today is a number book. I created this to use at the start of the year when we were making daily number posters as a class. We would make one together as a class and in small groups they would make their own for the given number. I gave them different tools to use, paper punches, stickers, bingo markers, crayons, etc... and they chose what they used to represent the number. For example, they might choose to draw four rainbows on number four day or place two apple stickers on number 2 day.

What does math look like in your kindergarten classroom? I would love to hear about it!

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  1. This is such a fantastic freebie, thank you so much for sharing! Math in Kindergarten is so wonderful - you really get to see them learn and explore!

    Love to Learn


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