Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Quick Pumpkin FREEBIE!

I have a super busy night ahead of me, but I wanted to share a quick freebie with you! Last week my class spent time reading lots of pumpkin (and farm) books for our current I.B. Unit, How we express ourselves. To work on our lines of inquiry, we determined the difference between books that are real and books that are pretend and we recorded our connections to the texts and what we learned from them. To add more meaning to the experience, we spent one afternoon doing pumpkin science and creating even more connections to what we had learned. It was a BLAST! Below are some pictures from our science explorations as well as the Pumpkin Science FREEBIE. I have also attached some pictures of our Silly Pumpkin Portraits and a few of the books that we read.
Have a fun Halloween week!

Here are some fun pumpkin books to share with your kinders:


Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


  1. I love the art your kids have created! Thanks so much for sharing this pumpkin science freebie.
    Bookish Ways in Math and Science

  2. Super Cute Pumpkins! I love that the pumpkins aren't the same size and the faces are all different! I'm definitely gonna try that this week :) Thanks for sharing!

    Kindergarten Kids At Play


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