Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Never Ending Classroom Makeover

I thought that I would post some quick progress photos of  my new kindergarten classroom.  I started in one corner and have been working my way around. I started with the space that needed the most work (lots of painting). Below is a photo of my playhouse. It was UGLY before. It is almost completely finished! I need to upholster one more panel, hang the window box, and add a few little goodies to the inside.

Here is a little picture of my shelving. Before it was mismatched sponge painting with 80's stencils, now it is shiny black with some fun border trims and a black skirted bottom. I have another shorter shelving unit that was also redone to match.
This is what I have left to tackle! Believe it or not, I feel confident that it will be finished soon. I can't wait to share the final room photos!

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