Thursday, July 11, 2013

I am back!

Well, it has been two months since my last post (YIKES) and I am so glad to be up and blogging again. Between closing out the school year, moving to a new home (after 7 years of collecting), moving to a new classroom, sending my hubby to Kenya and my daughter to Mexico, and teaching summer school, my life has been CRAZY. I knew that it was all going to come at once, but I was still not prepared for it all. I am nearing the end of the chaos and I am so glad. My house is now unpacked, I am half way through summer school, my hubby is home from his trip, and my daughter returns tomorrow. The only major task that I have waiting is my classroom and it is a whopper! I don't finish summer school until 4:30 each day, so I am only able to get a few hours a day in until I need to get home. I am planning on spending all of Saturday there so I at least feel like I put a dent in it. Here are a few photos of how it looked yesterday when I left:

Crazy isn't it? I will be sharing the progress photos as I build the room. I am thrilled that I have so much space to work. It is going to be a back breaker, but will be so worth it!
Here are my notes so far (I think that I need three of me!):
Join me Saturday for some progress pictures!

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