Thursday, March 7, 2013

WRAD was rad!

World Read Aloud Day was, again, an amazing day! We had the pleasure of Skyping with author Erin Dealey. She was a hoot and the students were completely engaged. It was all that they talked about today! Now most of them want to be writers when they grow up.  During writer's workshop today they had a chance to write a thank you letter to Ms. Dealey. I read some of them at the end of the day. Their letters always bring a smile to my face, but today they made me giggle. When we were Skyping with Erin, she showed them the lift a flap potty book that she had written. So, much to my surprise, next to the cute little Goldie Locks graphics on the letter writing papers, were hand drawn illustrations of toilets. Apparently it was a trend that caught on, because it was definitely a common theme of the letters the students gave me. One even had a floater! Yikes! It is kind of like Christmas morning when your kids play with the cardboard boxes and forget about the thoughtful gifts. I spent all of this time making cute Goldie graphics and the kids draw toilets next to her. Who would've guessed! Anyhoo, I thought that I would share the thank you note that I sent to Erin.

On a side note, I have a playground funny that I have to share. We just launched an inventions unit and the kiddos are very curious about inventors and inventions. The other day on the playground one of my nuggets, whose mother is a colleague, came up to me and said "Mrs. Houseman, who invented the penis fly trap?" It took everything I had not to start laughing. Of course I then asked her if she was talking about the plant to which she added "yeah, the one that likes meat." Oh how I love my job!

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