Thursday, March 28, 2013

Meaningful Morning Meetings! {FREEBIE}

     Morning meeting is one of my favorite daily activities. Not only is it a great way to build a classroom community, but it also provides an opportunity for students to practice the things that they are learning in class and to introduce new concepts. Each student has a morning meeting journal. I created three different journals (one for each trimester). The layout of the journals are consistant, but the activities increase in complexity as the year goes on. For example, in the beginning of the year students will record the analog time and then write down the correct digital time. By the end of the year students are calculating elapsed time.
     Our morning meeting typically lasts 20 minutes. I have everything written down on my easel and organized on our meeting wall prior to the beginning of the school day. Below are a few pics of my meeting area:

     When the students come in the door, they get their journals and begin going through the routine. After I quietly take roll, we go through each component together, working from the top left of the page across and then down, allowing for pair-share, share out, etc... During this time we cover a host of 2nd grade standards including time (and elapsed time), money, base-ten, expanded form, written form, sentence editing, word analysis, etc... For sentence editing, the student complete a "fix-it" sentence. I write a sentence containing errors that they then need to correct. They write the sentence as they see it on the easel (errors and all) in their journal and then use proof-reading marks to show their corrections. I teach them to use traditional proofreading marks at very beginning of the year. You would be amazed how, with daily practice, these littles are able to apply these. The great part is that when they are doing writer's workshop they are able to use them for self or peer editing and they also understand my editing of their work. I will be posting about writer's workshop soon and will explain this in more detail. After the fix-it, the students do a fluffy sentence. For the fluffy sentence I write a simple, BORING, skinny sentence. It is their job to add "delightful details" to make it fluffy! For example, I would write "The dog sat." The students would then create their own sentence from this base. They absolutely love this activity! I always draw a few "cards of destiny" so that the students can share their amazing sentences. At the end of the morning meeting we have the "Math Minute." This is where I introduce the primary concept for the math lesson that day or have them do a quick mental math reflex activity. This is truly a meaningful, jam-packed meeting! 
     Every time that I have visiting teachers (even the Everyday Math trainer), they beg to get copies of these journals! So, I thought that I would share them with you too! Just click on the picture above to download the file. Each file includes three full color journal covers, b/w covers, and three leveled journal pages. *I typically print 50 journal pages (the same page) per student journal and bind them or place them in a binder so that they stay together until the end of each trimester. At the end of the trimester I send that journal home and they get then next journal with the new page.

    I would love to hear about what you do for your morning meetings! Comment below and let us all know.

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