Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I wanted to share an adorable project video made by one of my nuggets. This was his presentation report from our No Longer Neverland home experience. For this experience the students are guided through creating their own country. As part of our producers and consumers unit, this activity allowed students to dig deeper into understanding who/what constitutes a community and what resources are important to a local economy. The student gets to choose how they will "sell" their country to prospective tourists. I had everything from dioramas to plays. The most popular was a video project. I had 10 out of 22 students create some form of video project (new casts, commercials, interviews, etc...) The video below is a must share! This little nugget was so excited to create a movie and he did a fabulous job! (Thanks Yvette for your permission to post this!!)

Is that too stinkin' cute or what! I love that you have to go to the airport to go through the water. This nugget is adorable!
There are still more producers and consumers lessons to come! Watch out for No Longer Neverland. It is awesome!!!

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