Wednesday, January 30, 2013

100th Day Glitter, Found Poetry, and a Yippee!!

100th Day Glitter

I am FINALLY starting to feel normal again and in honor of my new found energy I thought that I would share some super cool things will you all! First up is my 100 day photo prop that I made.  These were really simple and made of things that I had lying around. The base is made from recycled promotional yard signs that I picked up at RAFT for pennies each (see my post from last week to hear about this amazing place). The yard signs are made of a plastic corrugated material and are very durable. You could also use foam core if you didn't have the plastic. I free handed the numbers and cut them out using an X-acto knife. Once I had the shapes, I grabbed some colored card stock and a border punch and got to work. The paper was first cut into 3"x11" strips. I then punched the length of each strip and used a brown stamp pad to dirty up the edges and define the shape. Next, I used Tombo Mono Multi glue to adhere the strips to the plastic board.  This glue is great because it dries quickly and has a strong hold on a variety of surfaces.  Lastly, working from the back of the board, I used the X-acto knife to trim the extra paper off of the edges. After drying for a few hours, these were ready for the kiddos. These were Nugget-handled all day and still looked awesome when the day was done. Also, because they are so big the students were in awe when they walked in the room to begin their 100th day of school. I can't wait to bring them out again next year!


Found Poetry: Book Spine Poems

We are knee deep in our "How we express ourselves" I.B. unit on poetry and illustration unit and today we began our exploration into found poetry. This is a super simple activity that can easily be completed in one class period. Today was our library day, so we did this in the school library, but you could also use your classroom library. First we talked about what found poetry is and generated ideas of how and where we could create a found poem. I showed them examples of found poetry including blackout poetry, collage poetry, and book spine poetry. I then modeled the use of book titles to create a simple, yet powerful, three line poem. The nuggets worked in teams of two to three and "found" their poems. They really got into this activity. Each group only had to create one three line stanza, but a few of my high groups created multi-stanza poems and many groups created two or more poems. After they "found" their poem I took a photo of it and a photo of them holding their poem. I am going to print these photos and then the students can add them to their poetry anthologies. This was a great activity for those students who are not as confident with writing their own poems. It caused them to think outside of the box and their were so proud of what they created. Below are some of the poems the nuggets found.

Last up is a YIPPEE! 
I just confirmed my author for World Read Aloud Day! My class will be Skyping with Erin Dealey, the author of Goldilocks Has Chicken Pox and Little Bo Peep Can't Get to Sleep.

I am tickled pink and the kids are sooo excited! If you have not done this before, it is truly a must do! WRAD Author Skypes are a fabulous opportunity for students to connect with an author whose books they've read and even more importantly, it can ignite a passion for writing. If you would like more information about WRAD, see my post from yesterday for all the details.

P.S. Be on the look out for learning activities connected to these books. My creative juices are flowing!

That is all she wrote! Have a wonderful evening.

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