Saturday, December 15, 2012

Producers and Consumers Freebie!

Over the last 5 weeks I have been knee deep in producers and consumers. This I.B. unit is under How we organize ourselves and focused on economics. It was a unit that was very frustrating to plan, but incredibly successful. Teaching economics to second graders can be tricky, but they always amaze me. I have TONS of activities and resources that I have created for this unit and will be finally adding to and launching my Teacher's Pay Teachers page! So keep an eye out for what is soon to come! I will be discussing the unit activities here over the next few weeks. Thank heavens for the holiday break!

It may be strange to start at the end of the unit, but I LOVE this activity and can't wait to share it! This week I started the final assessment activity, The Bizarre Bazaar. For this activity the students were placed in groups of 2-3 and were each given a budget. They toured our "supply shop" and then brainstormed potential products that they could create. They then went through the process of choosing the final product (many times synthesizing their ideas) and the writing step by step instructions, pricing, creating supply lists, and creating. As you can guess, my classroom has truly become the Land of Glitter. That stuff is everywhere! Even after two showers I still sparkle! Next week we will be doing profit calculations, becoming consumers by shopping in the other class, graphing data, and comparing and contrasting the economies of each classroom. Of course, in true I.B. fashion, we will conclude with reflection. Here is a photo of a little bit of the creating:
The kids have really gotten into this activity. They don't even want to go to recess! I love it!!! As the freebie today, I am going to give you the Brainstorming and the Product pages. The rest of the activity should be up on TpT by the end of the weekend!! YIPEE!!! Just click on the photo below to get your freebie!
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