Thursday, December 6, 2012

Our Elf on the Shelf Journey & Freebie

I have seen lots of fabulous Elf on the Shelf ideas in the blogosphere, but I thought that I would share our daily journey this year. I have also created a great little journal for students to record what the rascally little elf has been up to. They write about what they think happened while they were gone and what clues helped them figure it out. Look for the link at the bottom of this post.

Here are the first five days. I will post the next five days next week.

Day 1:
This year we began with our elf arriving in a fancy little box with a marshmallow pillow and a polka dot blanket. After reading the book together, the students had a chance to name her. They decided on Snowflake. Before long, Snowflake had found a place to perch.
Day 2: Snowflake was up for an adventure, but there was a stink'n binder clip in the way so her ziplining was cut short. Oh well, it was a great place to keep watch for the day.
Day 3: Day three was literally sweet! Snowflake got her fill of Pixy Stixs and then made snow angels in what was left!
Day 4: Snowflake decided to get crafty and glitter-fy! She must have gone wild with the glitter, because we found some on every surface of the classroom. The kiddo's thought that she wanted to share her magic with them. I think she might just be a bit messy

Day 5: Snowflake makes a friend. Our bearded dragon, Sprout, has made a life-long friend in Snowflake. Imagine the adventures that they might have!

That is our journey thus far. While you are here, be sure to download the Elf Journal! It is a great way to capture all of the excitement in words!

Hugs, peace, and chicken grease,

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