Monday, December 31, 2012

More Producers and Consumers and another FREEBIE!

I realize that it is nearly the new year and many of you have finished with your Thanksgiving themed lessons, but this is a great Native American mini-unit to grab while you can! This is from my producers and consumers unit that I wrapped up right before Christmas break. It is stocked full of fabulous activities and lessons to teach your students about Native Americans and their culture. From cooking in the classroom to a cornhusk craftivity, it is 32 pages of fabulousity (yes, I made up this word, but it is so fitting)! It is full of engaging and thought provoking activities and, as always, it is filled with opportunities for writing! I can't help it though. This is what happens when a high school English/Art teacher begins teaching second grade! Also, I have included some modified writing papers to meet the needs of all writers.

I will be loading this to my TpT today and it will be priced at $3 for a limited time. Grab it while you can!

Because I am a sucker for freebies, I am offering this page from the unit. I love the critical thinking that happens when nuggets compare things that they love!

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