Monday, December 17, 2012

Days 10 & 11: Elf on the Shelf, Christmas gifts for the kiddos, and a new *FREEBIE!*

Two more days with Snowflake have passed and boy has it been fun!
Day 10:
On Friday Snowflake took it easy and hung out on our I.B. wall. I think that she loves I.B. almost as much as I do! It was great to have a discussion with the nuggets about what Learner Profile Attributes best describe Snowflake. Many of the kids thought that she was a real risk taker, while others thought that she was very caring because of all of the sweet things that she has done. It was really a fun discussion and really got the kids to think and reflect on the attributes.

Day 11: Today was a fun little day. After the craziness of the last few days before break, having a head-ache and heart-ache from the tragedy on Friday, making parent gifts, and trying to finish the Bizarre Bazaar final assessment, I truly needed to see my nuggets smile. It always brings joy to my day and helps me to recognize why I do what I do. Today Snowflake helped me out. She was perched on a glittery bell covered wreath with a sweet little poem (thanks to my dd Madyrose) hanging below. She also brought bells and copies of the poem for each student. They LOVED it! Many of them quickly tore off the poem and glued it in their journal so that they wouldn't lose it. They then put the bell bracelets on and wore them throughout the day. It was such a fun little thing. Check out the poem freebie at the bottom of the post!

Next up, student Christmas gifts! I am a huge gift giver. It is something that I have always loved to do. Even more so, I love to make gifts for others as it always makes it more special. This year I made scarfs for each student. I purchased some yummy soft fleece and used my trusty rotary cutter to make nice straight scarfs. I then used a strip cutting tool to fringe the bottoms. Lastly, I used my Silhouette to make iron-on vinyl monograms for each scarf. The girls got polkadots and the boys got tie-dye. I used different colors so that no two are alike (and no one gets them mixed up)! The scarfs only took one Saturday to make, but, because I have a bad case of over-the-top syndrome, the wrapping took the entire Sunday. My Silhouette got a work out!

Now for the FREEBIE! Click the link below for a copy of Snowflake's jingle bell poem.
Hugs, peace, and chicken grease,


  1. Very cute and sweet gifts! I bet the kids loved them. I saw this on Pinterest! We are following you. Come by and see our blog if you have a chance!

    Amanda and Stacia
    Collaboration Cuties

  2. Welcome to the Land of Glitter! I am so glad that you stopped by and are a new follower. Be sure to comment on my latest post so that you have a chance to win my new Bizarre Bazaar unit. I am off to check out Collaboration Cuties Now!
    Bug hugs,

  3. OMG...the scarves are ADORABLE! Your students are so lucky to have such a thoughful teacher! :)


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