Saturday, November 17, 2012

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A Ton of Fun with Life Cycles

Clearly life has gotten away from me as it has been two months since I last posted! I promise that I will be making up for it over the next week! Watch out for some fabulous tips and ideas and several fabulous freebies!

 We are just wrapping up our Sharing the Planet I.B. unit that focused on life cycles. The students were incredible inquirers and dug deep into the content. We explored the life cycles of mammals, reptiles, insects, and birds. One of my favorite parts was hatching chicks in class.
Here are some photos:

 Our class incubator
I placed it in the writing station and the students would record observation & predictions, but many of them also wrote creative stories about the eggs and the chicks to be.
We also spent time candling our eggs. I was able to rig a low wattage light unit and my projector to get a great view of what was going on inside. The details were amazing. We could see veins and body parts as they were developing! This was one of the class' favorite pictures because you can see the feet. The nuggets would scream with glee whenever they saw something new during candling. It was quite exciting.
This is a picture from our hatching day. Our first chick had begun breaking through when we arrived in the morning. It spent the day breaking free and the nuggets got to see the whole process. It was awesome! It did however make us late for lunch because it made its final escape right before they were to be excused! Oh well, it was worth it!
Meet Eggdrop! This was our first hatchling.
 The chicks stayed in our class for almost two weeks. The students love it and it was not as much of a distraction as I thought it would be. They even read to them during read to someone else!

I will post some activity pages later today. Right now I am off to get ready for a luncheon.
Bug hugs,


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