Friday, August 3, 2012

It is a Techie Post!

I am always on the look out for cool techie tools that I can use in my classroom. Today's post introduces you to one of my favorites. This very cool tool is called Glogster and I use it quite often. Check it out here. It is an easy online interface that allows you to create awesome multimedia "cork boards." It is so simple that my students actually created their own last year. What I love is that I can incorporate video, audio, slide shows, text, etc... all on one adorable splash page. The uses are endless. You can use them for newsletters, capturing important events, projects, invitations, and more. When you finish your glog, you can email it, embed it, send it via Twitter, upload to a Facebook Group page, etc...
Below are a few glogs that I have created.
The first is one that I am currently working on for my incoming class.

This is my welcome email to my new class. At our school, students do not find out who their teacher is until 4pm on the day prior to the first day of school. Because of this, I like to send something out that gets them jazzed about the first day and also removes some of the anxiety of not meeting the teacher beforehand. This is not quite complete as I still have to add my introduction video, but it is nearly complete. (This literally took less than 30 minutes to create.) When I complete the video, this post will reflect the changes.

Next up is an invitation/ teaser for our 2nd Grade Invention Convention:

This glog incorporated students generated infomercials (too cute for words!) and an invite from Sir Isaac Newton himself (thanks to XtraNormal- another techie favorite of mine). The parents LOVED this!
Last up is a memory page of our trip to the Tech Museum:

This was also a HUGE hit with parents and students. It is a great way to capture memories of the day and reflect on the learning that took place. F.Y.I. building roller coasters with 2nd graders is AMAZING!!! Did I mention how much I love the I.B.?

I would love to hear from others that have used Glogster. I am curious to know how others are using or plan to use this cool tool.

Nighty night...

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