Thursday, August 9, 2012

Classroom Glitter (finally!)

I finally took photos of my finished classroom. We started school yesterday and it has been a whirlwind of giggles and projects! This is a picture heavy post, so have fun!
Here is a reminder of what it looked like pre-makeover.

This is my writing center. I did away with my teacher desk (I NEVER use it) and made room for this
fabulous area! (Birthday owls are on the top)

We are making buttons tomorrow!

 Word work activity caddies (IKEA)
My library! I LOVE IT! On the couch are my cute floor cushions that I made. If anyone is interested I will post the pattern that I drafted to make them.

A view of my room from the library

Another corner (+puffies and lanterns over each table grouping)

Morning Meeting area. Check out my repurposed easel. Our local Starbucks remodeled and I acquired a few of their magnetic chalkboard/advertising boards. A few hinges, some hardware, and an hour later and I had a new easel!

 Morning meeting wall. Including calendar, money, adjectives, temperature, etc....
Star of the day comfy chair.

 I.B. Unit Wall
 The front of my room
 Table numbers on tissue daisies from Party City

 Chair name tags (there are also name tags on the desks)
 Houseman bucks for our classroom economy
 My math shelves complete with my new Zillio Math Mountains (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these!)
 Math shelves with a view of my button chart in the background. I will post a little more about this later.
Table caddies! These work great and control the clutter that can occur in a second grade class.
 My "revamped" file cabinet. It is awesome!
Another picture of my morning meeting area with a view of my padded seat crates. I use these to store my I.B. unit books.

That is it for tonight folks! I hope that I inspired a few of you to spruce-up your space!
Hugs, peace, and chicken grease,


  1. I would love to see how you made your adorable pillows!!

  2. Where did you buy the chevron print on your file cabinet and tables? I love it!

  3. What a gorgeous room! Yes, you have certainly inspired me!

  4. Here are the answers (hopefully) to all of your questions :)

    The pillows are actually floor cushions. After I am done with my move I will scan it and post a tutorial. They are super easy to make (and the kids LOVE them)!

    The print on the cabinets is decorative contact paper that I found at Marshalls. Sometimes they have it at Home Goods too. I covered everything with it this year because the cabinets and counters were in such bad shape.

    The "birthday" owls and balloons were cut files from The Silhouette Store.

    Lastly, after all of this work last summer I am moving to the world of Kindergarten (and in to a whole new room). My room is three times the size and I have ton of fun ideas so check back!

    Bug hugs,

  5. Where did you get your cute rugs? Your room is adorable!


  6. Where did you get your chevron rug? Was it expensive?


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