Sunday, August 19, 2012

Adventures in Attribute-Land

Over the last year I have been writing something that I have termed as Home Experiences. I have written a lot TONS of them. A home experience is an extension of classroom learning that engages students and allows them to have practical applications of skills that are being learned. This is the type of homework that students and parents LOVE. 

Each home experience includes:
-Parent letter and explanation of experience
-Pacing guide
-Skills/ standards being addressed
-Due date(s) and items to turn in
-A Reflection letter written by the student at the close of the experience
-Optional extensions for enrichment

Today I am giving all of my bloggy friends my first Home Experience for the year. It is an experience that focuses on the I.B. Learner Profile Attributes. While I.B. teachers will LOVE this,  it can also be adapted to use for other character development plans. Just click the photo below to download your own copy. If you download it, please show me some love and write a comment! What can I say, I am a sucker for notes!!

Hugs, peace, and chicken grease,

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