Monday, July 30, 2012

Hoarding Buried Alive: Teacher Edition

My last post was about Classroom Glitter. This is more like exploding a jar of glitter and not knowing where to begin cleaning first! When that school year ended, I had things well organized and it seemed neat and tidy. Over the summer we received a great blessing, new floors. I was so excited because the carpet that I had was simply gross. They would try to clean it and it was just mud and when wet it had a terrible musty odor.  There was a curse in that blessing though. They had to empty my ENTIRE room. Yikes! Last week they sealed the floors and then brought everything back in my room. That is what you will see in the picture below. I didn't realize how much stuff I have. It is crazy! I spent the entire day in there today. I have been doing a lot of purging which really helps.I have been doing a lot of purging which really helps. Things are coming together slowly but surely.
     So not to save the last bit of sanity I have left, I decided to redo my bulletin boards and rearrange the furniture to give the students more space. Why not go all out, right? Anyways... I will be posting progress pictures throughout the week. Check back often to see how it is going!


  1. I would have cried walking into that!
    Love your pictures and your posts!

  2. You have no idea! They literally dumped it all over the room. Thank goodness I will not need new floors again anytime soon!


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