Thursday, July 26, 2012

Classroom Glitter

I thought that I would add a few pictures from my classroom. I have been decorating up a storm and I love my new color scheme.  The black really makes everything pop. Below are a few pictures, but there MANY more to come!
 This is my Mac Book update! I used Photoshop and my Silhouette to create this. Now I will always know which one is mine. If you look close, I "carve" our school acronym into the branch. I LOVE this!! (Now to update my IPad).
 Gone are my UGLY powder blue, rust stained counters. The zebra print update looks fab!
 I reupholstered my chair and added a clear poly overlay. I really wanted white, but knew that it would be every other color if I didn't protect it. I hope this works! *DIY HINT* If you upholster and add a clear poly overlay, use a blow dryer when you are stretching and tucking it under. It creates a gap-free, non-wrinkled surface. It truly looks perfectly smooth, even in the corners.
 My podium matches the counters. What can I say, I feel the need to coordinate! I also plan on doing another counter top surface. -the artsy rule of thirds!
Here are a few of my book boxes with the bin labels attached. My library has gotten a bit out of control as of late, including a super find,  a COMPLETE set of Nancy Drew Mysteries for $7 at our local "Last Chance Mercantile" (i.e. the store at the local dump!). This alone is a few hundred books. Because I am running low on shelf space, I have put many of the books in my cupboards and will rotate them as needed. My library itself has 50 book boxes and I could use even more. What can I say, I love to read and love to see my kiddos read too!!!

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